Friday, August 5, 2011

BOTHELL- Homeowner’s Cameras Help Police Catch Woman Stealing from Front Porch

You may have seen this item on KIRO- TV 7 News last night (

It seems that a Bothell neighborhood was having a problem with packages left by UPS or FEDEX being stolen off of front porches. One homeowner, who develops surveillance equipment for businesses, was expecting a delivery at home. When he did not see a package on his front porch he checked his video. He saw a woman come up to his front porch and take the package away. A day or so later, he saw the woman in the neighborhood. Needless to say, he gave 911 a call.

This incident illustrates two points:

1.      There is danger of theft of packages delivered to your home. Often local police agencies point this out during the Christmas holiday season, but it can happen any time of the year.

a.       Some things you can do to prevent becoming a victim include:

                                                              i.      Have a trusted stay at home neighbor hold your package for you until you come home

                                                            ii.      When at home keep a watch for suspicious vehicles, or people on foot, following UPS, FEDEX or Postal Service trucks. If you see a suspicious vehicle, call 911 and report the license number, vehicle description, and direction of travel.

b.      UPS suggests:

                                                              i.      Have the shipper require a signature on delivery

                                                            ii.      Have the package sent to your work where someone will be present to accept it.
Video can help catch the bad guys. More and more people are installing video camera systems at their homes, especially if they have been victimized by a car prowl or burglary. With modern equipment, you do not have to spend an arm and a leg to have a quality system. If you are victimized, at least you have the satisfaction of providing evidence that the police can use in their investigation.  

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