Wednesday, November 23, 2011

SEATTLE- Scammers Pose as Delta Airlines and Local Utility Crews

A recent report on KOMO TV News,, highlights two scams going around in the country and locally in the Puget Sound region:

1.      Delta Airlines reports that someone is sending phishing emails to Delta customers confirming “round-trip flights” between New York and San Francisco. The emails are extremely realistic and have links to click on. Do not click on those links! They will take you to fake web sites that will try to collect your personal information or infect your computer with viruses or malware. Delta did not send these emails. For more information go to to read Delta’s “Phishing Email Alert.”

2.      Seattle City Light warns its customers about two con artists who have been going around in an unmarked truck claiming to be contractors for Seattle City Light. They knock on the door of houses that have a large tree that they claim needs to be trimmed. While the homeowner goes with one man look at the tree, the other man sneaks into the home to see what could be stolen. Seattle City Light says that its employees with always have picture ID with them and their vehicles will be clearly marked. While such scams have not received publicity lately in Snohomish County, the PUD warns its customers to be careful if someone claiming to be a PUD employee comes to your door. Ask to see their company picture ID. If you have any questions about a PUD employee, call PUD Customer Service at (425) 783-1000 ( ).

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