Saturday, December 10, 2011

PUGET SOUND- Holiday Package Theft

PUGET SOUND- Holiday Package Theft

KING TV 5 News recently highlighted a common problem of package theft during the holidays (

With more and more people ordering online for Christmas gifts, thieves often have an easy time of following UPS, FEDEX, or Postal Service delivery trucks to steal packages that they leave off at homes.

Some things you can do to prevent becoming a victim include:

  • Have a trusted stay at home neighbor hold your package for you until you come home
  • When at home keep a watch for suspicious vehicles, or people on foot, following UPS, FEDEX or Postal Service trucks. If you see a suspicious vehicle, call 911 and report the license number, vehicle description, and direction of travel.
  • Track the shipment online so that you know when it was delivered.
  • Ask to have it placed on your back porch or out of sight of the street.
  • Ask to have the package delivered to a package store. For example, UPS has its own stores (The UPS Store). There may be an extra charge for this service.

And, UPS suggests:

  • Have the shipper require a signature on delivery
  • Have the package sent to your work where someone will be present to accept it.

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