Wednesday, April 11, 2012

BURGLARIES- Burglars Finding Your Home Through Your Car Registration

Last week, the local media covered a series of burglaries on the east side where the victims went out to see a movie only to return to their cars and discover that it had been broken into. When the police arrived, they asked if the owners had their car registration. Then they made a discovery that the registration had been stolen. On a check of the house, the police and the victims discovered that their houses had been burglarized. The burglars, went to the cinema parking lot, took the registration where they could see the victim’s home address, and then made a beeline to the house while the victims were at the movies.

The press depicted this as a new technique. However, this method of burglary has been going on for a few years but has not received much publicity. Theft of your car registration can be used not only to burglarize your house while you are at the movies, at a restaurant or shopping, but also for ID theft.

Ways to prevent theft of your car registration include locking it in your glove box, or taking it with you in your wallet or purse.

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