Wednesday, October 17, 2012

DELTA AIRLINES- Scammers Try to Trick You to Get Your Information

Jesse Jones of KING 5 News recently posted a warning about scammers who claim to be from Delta airlines sending emails to Delta customers.

The scammers will send an email that appears to be from Delta that claims that you can download your ticket for a future flight. To print your “ticket” the email has you click on a link and open an attachment.

Delta has issued an advisory warning its customers to:

  1. Change your SkyMiles account PIN and monitor your account
  2. Do not click on the link in the email or open any attachments that might be with it.
  3. Delete the email from your inbox.

Jesse’s alert points out that after you have purchased a ticket from Delta you almost immediately receive an email e-ticket. It does not come on a later date. So if you receive one of these emails and you had not purchased a ticket from Delta a few minutes earlier, treat the email with suspicion.

Note: This scam is pretty basic. Scammer poses as a company, which he is not, and tries to get you to click on a link and/or open an attachment. The link and/or attachment gets you to give the scammer your personal information or it installs some nasty malware that gets that information, including social security number, account numbers, account ID’s and PIN’s or passwords, etc. by itself. What makes this unique is Delta’s warning. It recommends that you change your PIN for your account. Apparently, this email targets Delta SkyMiles accounts for their PIN numbers. Don’t click or open anything with this email, just delete it from your inbox.  

Get Jesse- Delta, Alaska partnership opens up opportunities for scams:


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