Friday, March 22, 2013

SNOHOMISH COUNTY- Suspicious Activity/Drug Activity

Suspicious activity can take many forms. One neighborhood west of I-5 thinks it is seeing a new technique to mark drug drop offs. The Neighborhood Watch Coordinator notes that year after year they see evidence of drug dealing in their neighborhood. Over time, they have seen many techniques by drug dealers and their customers to exchange money for drugs.

The homeowners have noted car windows marked in bright green paint with messages. One message was “green slug bug” on the rear window of a green VW. The VW was parked in a driveway and near the driveway is a yellow fire hydrant. Cars near utility boxes also seemed to be marked. Only vehicles that were near a utility box were marked, not vehicles farther away. Also, one van in a driveway had a green face painted on the corner closest to a nearby utility box.

It also appears that strips of toilet paper have been used to mark utility boxes that were in the shadows at night.

Activity like this certainly could be suspicious. It could be a teen prank, but apparently the homeowners in this neighborhood know their area well enough that they can say that it probably has to do with drug dealing. Passing this kind of information on to 911 as suspicious activity definitely helps the Sheriff’s Office.



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