Thursday, October 24, 2013

FRAUD WATCH NETWORK- A New Way to Stay Ahead of Fraudsters

Yesterday, October 23, AARP of Washington launched a new service called “Fraud Watch Network” for members and the general public at the Museum of Flight in Seattle.

With the Fraud Watch Network, anyone can sign up online for alerts on the latest frauds going around in Washington State and the nation. The idea is to make fraud watch users aware of frauds and scams so that they can protect themselves and so that users can pass the word to their families, friends and neighbors. The key to this strategy is to make as many people as possible aware of the latest frauds to take away the opportunity for fraudsters to victimize the public.

To sign up for Fraud Watch Network, call 1-800-646-2283. The Fraud Watch Network should go online next week.

Here is some information about fraud prevention tips and common frauds and scams:

Fraud prevention tips-

Frauds and Scams-

More information about the Fraud Watch Network:

KOMO News:


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