Wednesday, January 22, 2014

THE FALLS- Suspicious Activity

Yesterday morning, January 21, around 10am, an older, silver 4 door car with tinted windows parked in front of a house in the vicinity of 146th Pl. SE and 65th Dr. SE. A black male in his early 20's got out and knocked on the door. One occupant of the house noticed the car pull up to the house full of passengers and thought that this was suspicious. The other occupant, the son of the owners, answered the door by talking through the door. The male from the car asked for directions to I-5 then left.

What made this incident especially suspicious was that the son’s car had been stolen in Seattle over the weekend and the friend’s house he was visiting was broken into and ransacked. The son’s car was eventually found totaled. The family suspects that the people in the car in front of their house may have been involved in the Seattle car theft and burglary, obtaining their address from the registration or insurance papers.

While the tie to the car theft is speculation, crooks have been known to use the information from car registrations to conduct burglaries, especially when they know that the victim is going to be away from the house for a period of time. This family did things right. They made the potential tie with their stolen car. The son, instead of opening the door, talked through the door protecting himself and the family property. And the family did call 911.


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