Friday, February 28, 2014

ARLINGTON- Police Looking for Burglar

The Arlington Police Department is seeking help to identify a burglar who broke into a home in the 17700 block of 43rd Ave NE in the morning of February 14.

The police department released pictures of the burglar taken from home video. The burglar took electronics, computers, power tools, landscaping equipment and two bikes. The burglar used the victim’s truck, which was recovered, to remove the stolen items from the property.

Arlington police ask anyone who can identify the burglar to contact


Note: This is a good example of the benefit of home video. While the homeowner was still victimized, they could provide police with good evidence of a potential suspect. This, coupled with good descriptions and pictures of the stolen property would give police an excellent chance of not only catching the burglar but also recovering the property. For more information about security video, go to:


The Herald:


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