Wednesday, July 23, 2014

BOTHELL– Realtor Protects Herself from Potential Attacker

Over the weekend of July 12-13 a realtor showing a home along Bothell Way, Bothell, had to blockade herself from an attacker who hid in the house. The realtor found the man hiding on the third floor as she was closing up the house.

The realtor ran into a bathroom and locked the door. While the man beat on the door, she called 911. The man left the house when he heard the realtor talking to 911.

Note: This incident is unfortunately a reminder that even professionals like real estate agents can have risks in their jobs. Most of the time an open house does not bring excitement like this incident did. However, being prepared for such eventualities is not a bad idea. The real estate agent took the right actions. She protected herself by running to the bathroom and locking the door. She got help from police by calling 911.

You can help by being observant as you look for suspicious activity around you. Call 911 whenever you see suspicious activity in your neighborhood.

If you recognize the individual in this police sketch, please call the Bothell Police Department at (425) 487-5551.


KIRO TV 7 News-


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