Sunday, October 19, 2014

SEATTLE- The Seattle Times Newspaper Sends Warning of Scam

Scammers frequently try to misdirect victims from legitimate businesses, charities and governmental organizations to the scammer's web site or email address in order to collect personal information or money.

The Seattle Times recently sent a warning to its subscribers about a nationwide scam that sends fraudulent renewal notices to both Times subscribers and non-subscribers.

According to the Times, the notices may refer to a variety of company names, including:

Readers Payment Service, Associated Publishers Network,,, Orbital Publishing Group, Publishers Billing Exchange, United Publisher Service, Magazine Billing Network. The scammers may use other company names also. The Seattle Times emphasizes that none of these companies are associated with The Seattle Times.

In addition, the fraudulent notices will have the following characteristics:

• Notices may reference a renewal notice, new order, or renewal service.

• The notices ask for the check to be made out to a company other than The Seattle Times.

• The suspect remittance address could be a P.O. Box in White City, OR, Henderson, NV, or Reno, NV. No remittance address other than the Seattle Times' address is valid.

• It appears that the notices are sent randomly to individuals within the Seattle Times market, both to existing subscribers and to people who have no current subscriber relationship with The Seattle Times.

The Seattle Times Company advised its subscribers that its legitimate renewal notices will have you make payment to The Seattle Times and that payments should be sent to:

The Seattle Times Company
P.O. Box 34698
Seattle, WA 98124-1698


The Seattle Times has notified federal law enforcement authorities about this scam.

The Times strongly urges you that if you receive this fraudulent notice that you do not respond to it.

Also, if you receive a fraudulent renewal notice it asks that you help The Seattle Times assist federal law enforcement by sending The Times a copy of the notice to:


The Seattle Times:

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