Thursday, July 23, 2015

SNOHOMISH COUNTY: Danger of Brush Fires Remains High

While temperatures have cooled off, to the 70’s, the dry continues. Weather forecasters predict some showers, but, the rain that any showers provide at this time of year will not soak the ground or vegetation enough to take us out of danger of wildfires.

Fire officials have shown concern about our dry conditions for some time now. The most recent statement coming from the Seattle Fire Department who held a press conference yesterday that needed to be delayed due to a brush fire. In a report published in the “News of Mill Creek” Fire District 7 pointed out that it responded to 37 brush/bark fires between July 1st and July 15th.

Snohomish County has a wide variety of terrain including urban, suburban and rural landscapes. The dry conditions provide excellent fuel in parks, many walking trails, and forest areas where we live. How we protect our homes may differ slightly depending on if we are in a city, a housing development or in the country.

Here are some basic suggestions for preventing brush fires from the Seattle Fire Department:

         Clear leaves and debris from the roof, gutters, porches and decks.

         Remove dead vegetation from under the deck and porch and within 10 feet of a house.

         Remove flammable wood piles, propane tanks away from homes and garage structures.

         Prune trees away from homes.

         For homes adjacent to large areas of greenbelt, consider defensible space between home and landscaping.

         Either keep lawn hydrated or cut it if it’s dry.

         Practice an evacuation plan out of your home and out of your neighborhood.

The Seattle Times:

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