Monday, August 17, 2015

SNOHOMISH COUNTY: Auto Theft Task Force to Distribute The Club

Securing your car or truck from theft is very important. If you have an older vehicle such as a Honda Accord, Honda Civic, Chevrolet pickup, Ford pickup or Toyota Camry built in the 1990’s and early 2000’s you have a vehicle that is especially vulnerable to theft.

The Snohomish County Auto Theft Task Force is distributing 250 of The Club, an anti-theft device that a driver can attach to their vehicle’s steering wheel, to sheriff’s deputies and Marysville police department patrol officers. The idea is that the patrol deputies and officers can give The Club to people that they believe could use protection such as victims of car theft.

The Club has been around since the mid-1980’s and has proven to be an effective deterrent against most car thieves. While some critics point out that an easy way to defeat the club is to cut the steering wheel with a hack saw, most car thieves apparently do not carry hack saws as part of their tool kit.

You can find The Club at stores such as Walmart,, Sears, Autozone or NAPA auto parts stores for between $17 and $70.

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