Tuesday, September 8, 2015

SILVER LAKE– Phishing Scam Received in Email

Over the weekend, there has been at least one household that has received an unsolicited email declaring a “Child Predator Alert” in the local area. If you receive this email, do not download any included pictures or click on any links contained in the email.

The email tries to shock you to click on a link for more information regarding an alleged child predator in your area. In one version of this scam, the email has two links. One link takes you to a website called “Kids Live Safe” which is a service that sells localized reports on sex offenders. The spam email has no affiliation with Kids Live Safe, a service that sells localized reports about sex offenders. The other link loads malware onto your computer. The link to Kid Live Safe obviously is there to lend credibility to the email. The malware searches for your usernames, passwords and credit card numbers that are stored on your computer.

The email sent to the Silver Lake area had an email address of “” “” has nothing to do with sex offenders. If you enter “” in your browser, it will take you to your Microsoft .hotmail or .outlook account.

To spot a phishing scam, the Better Business Bureau recommends that you:

·         Check out the “From field of the email. Look for email addresses that do not match the brand used in the email message.

·         Watch out for typos, strange phrasing and bad grammar.

·         Hover over URLs to discover their true destination.

·         If you did not sign up for an email alert, be suspicious of emails alerting you of anything.

 If you receive this or any other phishing scam email report it to the Federal Trade Commission at

You can find out about registered sex offenders in your area at the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office web site at:

Better Business Bureau:




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