Friday, December 4, 2015


Burglars often knock before they break into a home. Package thieves run up to the front porch and take a package. Someone may knock at your door and you may wonder if you should go to the door. Cameras that cover a front door can show video of thieves. However, many systems will only show you the images after you discover the crime.

With our modern technology, effective security devices are becoming more economical. This has been a trend for security cameras for several years. Now, with Ring and Skybell, there are devices that allow you to see who is at your door and to talk to them. Both products have cameras, two way sound (microphone and speaker), motion sensors and smartphone apps that notified you when someone rings your bell or they sense motion at the door.

Local police agencies have recommended installation of a peep-hole device in front doors for a long time. They also have recommended talking through the door instead of opening it if you are suspicious of someone at the door. Ring and Skybell gives you flexibility in that when you are at home you do not have to go to the door when the doorbell rings.

Also, when you are away, you can know who is at your door. If a package thief or burglar is at the door, you can talk to them, to give an impression that someone is at the house, or at a worse case situation, you can call your local 911 agency. Of course if you are away, calling 911 will connect you to the local 911 agency where you are located (at work or on vacation). So you need to know the 10 digit phone number for your 911 agency at home. For SNOPAC that is (425) 407-3970. For SNOCOM that is (425) 775-4545.

The units range in price between $150 to $200. Both are easy to install. Both use your Wi-Fi to send data and communicate.

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