Monday, February 8, 2016

SNOCAT- Deputies Arrest Car Thief Who Stole 100 Cars for the Ride

Car theft remains a problem for drivers in Puget Sound. However, the Snohomish County Auto Theft Task Force (SNOCAT) recently arrested a prolific car thief who averaged 5 car thefts per week to go from one place to another.

According to one task force detective, it was easier for the thief to steal a car, instead of waiting for a friend for a ride or waiting for a bus.

According to an article by The Herald, the car thief was very candid with task force detectives. He used shaved keys, which he called “jigglers,” to enter Hondas. Older Hondas tend to be popular with car thieves because they are easier to steal. He only used shaved keys on Hondas; he would steal other cars because the owners would leave an extra key inside.

He also told detectives that when he was finished with the cars, he would often leave them in a visible spot so that they would be found.

While his motivation was transportation, detectives believe that he did also steal items from inside the cars to feed a heroin addiction. They do not believe that he took cars for parts.

This account shows how car thieves work and suggests how you can beat them:

·         When you park, take your keys with you, lock your car, and do not leave any spare keys in your car!

·         If you own an older vehicle such as a Honda, use an anti-theft device such as the club. Anti-theft devices often prevent car theft.

Also, don’t leave your car running when you are away from it. This is the time of year when some people warm up their cars before they go to work. Also some people keep their cars running when they dash in (just for a second!) to a convenience store. That’s a big no no!



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