Tuesday, March 15, 2016

BURGLARY PREVENTION- Gadgets to Protect Your Home

With the new technology of the 21st century, homeowners have access to new gadgets that can help them protect their homes and their property. Over the last few years security camera systems have become much more affordable. And manufacturers such as Ring have developed doorbell replacements that allows you to see and to talk to anyone at your front door even when you are away from your home.

But other manufacturers have come out with inexpensive devices that can keep watch on your home.
One product is from Nest with its Nest Cam. This camera can be set up anywhere in your home, in your living room, in your baby’s room, or the garage. It can set on a table or bookcase or be attached to a wall. In addition, it can be easily set up to your Wi-Fi to send you alerts when it sees motion or sound. And you can review the live video from your smartphone.

Pricing is $199 for one camera and $497 for three cameras. You can also purchase a subscription for storage of videos on Nest’s servers for 10 days or 30 days.

For more information about this camera, go to Nest at:

Another camera system is Blink. It also is wireless and can send alerts and video to your smartphone. But the cameras work on long lasting batteries (the manufacturer says they last for one year) instead of needing to be plugged in like Nest. Blink also offers HD video, motion detection, on-board USB storage among other features.

One Blink camera is $99. Blink offers packages for two, three, and five cameras also.

For more information about Blink, go to:

Security systems often include sensors for intruders breaking into homes through doors or windows. Now, you can set up your own intrusion alarms with the Korner triangle system. You attach triangular sensors to select windows and doors. If a sensor detects motion, it sounds a loud alarm and then sends an alert to your smartphone. You can then call the police or a neighbor to check out what is going on.

A three sensor package costs $98.

For more information, go to:

Recently, KPCQ aired a piece about one Seattle resident who installed all of these products in his home, and showed the results of when a potential burglar tried to break in.

KCPQ 13:

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