Monday, April 11, 2016

CAR PROWLS- It Doesn’t Take Much

Sheriff’s Deputies and police officers have been emphasizing for some time now not to keep anything in view when you park your car. An example of how quickly a car prowler can take your possessions comes with this incident in Arlington.

Arlington police are looking for a female car prowler who stole a purse from a woman’s car. The woman was taking groceries into her daycare. Her arms were full so she left her purse in the car. When she came back to her car her purse was gone.

Police found video showing a woman trying to use the stolen credit card at a local 7-Eleven soon after the car prowl.

As the victim noted in a Q13 story, she did not do anything wrong. But car prowlers take advantage of opportunities when they see them. Don’t let a car prowler have an opportunity, take your purse or wallet with you when you leave your car. And do not leave anything showing in your car when you park it. It only takes less than 30 seconds for a car prowler to steal it.
Q13 TV:

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