Friday, May 27, 2016

SCAM UPDATE- Everett FD Warning, Scam Map

Firefighter Scam. According to My Everett News, people posing as Everett firefighters are going door to door asking for donations in the Everett area. Also, others have reported solicitations for donations to firefighters through phone calls. Neither the Everett Fire Department nor the Everett Firefighters IAFF Local 46 ask for donations door to door or via the phone.

My Everett News recommends that if someone approaches you at your door for a donation to the Everett Fire Department or to the fire fighter’s union, tell them no and report the incident to 911.

If you would like to donate to Everett firefighters, look at the following web sites:

Everett Firefighter IAFF Local 46-

My Everett News:

Scam Map. Online crime maps are an excellent way to track crime around your home. The AARP Fraud Watch Network has announced its own scam-tracking map. You can search by keyword for specific scams in your area or browse the map for recent scams reported in your area. There is also a way to report a scam that you have encountered to the scam-tracking map database.

To report scams to police or federal officials such as the Federal Trade Commission go to

To check out the scam-tracking map go to;jsessionid=F0C8EEC5BE31E6AFC9AB4FE31374BBC9.app267b?cmp=RDRCT-ADV-FRAUD-050916

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