Tuesday, June 14, 2016

ORLANDO TRAGEDY- Beware of Scammers

We have been shocked one more time due to another mass killing, this time in Orlando, Florida. Even more disappointing is that warnings are being issued to watch out for scammers taking advantage of the tragedy by trying to convince people to give money to a bogus charity. While reports of this scam have not surfaced as yet in Snohomish County, a reminder to be careful is unfortunately in order.

Some simple tell-tale signs of a scam include:

·         A “charitable” organization that you have not heard of calling you on the phone or sending you an email requesting a donation.

·         The caller pressures you to donate immediately.

·         The caller asks you to wire cash or provide the number for a pre-paid debit card.

·         The caller offers to send a courier or overnight-delivery service to pick up your donation.

Long time readers already know to be careful. But if you know someone who might not be aware of this scam, please talk to them and show them the information in the following links:

Better Business Bureau:

USA Today:

Federal Trade Commission:

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