Thursday, September 22, 2016

STANWOOD- Two Scams Reported

STANWOOD- Two Scams Reported

The Stanwood Police Department has issued two scam alerts this week.

The first was for the warrant scam. Numerous citizen complaints talked about a caller claiming to be a Stanwood police officer or from the U.S. Marshal’s Office. The caller says that the victim did not respond to a jury summons and will be arrested soon if they do not pay fines immediately. A few of the citizen reports said that the callers used the name “Williams” and that they could hear a police radio in the background. If you receive a phone call like this, hang up and report it to police at the non-emergency number, (425) 407-3999.

The second alert was for another imposter scam. Citizens reported receiving phone calls from someone claiming to be “Jason Fargo” from the PUD. Jason demands immediate payment over the phone or else the power will be shut off.  Again, if you receive a phone call from Jason, or anyone else claiming to be from a utility or law enforcement and demands immediate payment hang up and report it to police at the non-emergency number, (425) 407-3999.

Stanwood Police Department:

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  1. These are called the "Jury Scam" and the "Electric Power Scam". (Okay, we made up that 2nd, but the scam name usually takes after the power company in the area). Whatever the scam, if you get a phone call asking for money, that should be a HUGE red flag. Hang up immediately and call your local police. If you want to know if a number has previously been reported for scamming, check out our site at