Thursday, October 20, 2016

MILL CREEK- Master Postal Keys Stolen

The Mill Creek Police Department has announced that on Tuesday, October 18, a set of master keys was stolen from a mail carrier. The keys were for mailboxes in the 98012 and 98021 zip codes. The police department received reports of stolen mail from community mailboxes in neighborhoods and apartment complexes in the City on Wednesday.

As of Thursday morning, the perpetrators are still at large. The police department says that it is working with other local police agencies to identify and find the suspects.

The Mill Creek Police Department asks for your help until they can apprehend the suspect(s) by being extra vigilant about mail delivery and pick:

·         Take your outgoing mail to the post office or put it in a secure, non-communal mailbox.

·         Pick up your mail as soon as possible, and definitely before nighttime.

·         Be aware of anyone around blue drop boxes or community mailboxes that do not appear to be postal employees or customers.

·         Call 911 if you see any activity that you think is suspicious or inappropriate.

The police department reminds everyone that only postal employees are authorized to have access to the inside of the blue drop boxes or the community mailboxes.

Mill Creek Police Department:

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