Thursday, December 8, 2016

HOLIDAY SHOPPING- Car Prowl Prevention

Even though we are shopping more and more online, we still go to the mall for some of our Christmas shopping. Car prowls can be a major problem during the holiday season.

Here are some reminders on how to prevent a car prowl:

           Park in a well-lit area of a parking lot where it can be seen by passersby. And avoid isolated areas.

           Lock the doors and roll up the windows.

           Remove anything from view. Car prowlers are looking for items that they can sell or your personal information for ID theft. Some crime prevention professionals recommend that, at the mall, when you bring gifts to your car from the store that you put them in your trunk and move your car to another parking space in another part of the parking lot. That way if you were observed, a car prowler won’t know where your car is parked.

And, this is the time of year when some people warm up their cars before heading to work in the morning. Especially with the cold temperatures like those we are experiencing now. If you start your car, do not leave it. Unattended cars, with their engines running, even in your driveway, are prime targets for car thieves.

Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office:

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