Tuesday, April 4, 2017

SOUTH EVERETT- Home Robbery and Assault Update

Yesterday, the Snohomish county Sheriff’s Office announced that one of the two suspects in the home invasion robbery that occurred in south Everett on Wednesday, March 29, ( turn himself in to a Snohomish County Sheriff’s captain on Friday. The Sheriff’s Office attributes the wide exposure of photos of the suspects on social media as a motivation for the suspect to turn himself in.

Police are often asked by citizens what to do in the case of a home robbery. And for at least two local police agencies, Run, Hide, Fight is the recommendation in the case of a home robbery. Run, Hide, Fight (and a similar concept called Avoid, Deny, Defend) was introduced for the “active shooter” situations that have been reported in the press. But what about a home burglary/robbery.

For Sgt. Marty Zelaya of the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office’s Office of Neighborhoods, Run, Hide, Fight, should be part of your situational awareness as you go about your day. Having a plan for what you would do in a crisis, such as if you find a burglar when you return home, can help you act quickly and safely. And running, if you can, can be a better alternative than fighting.

A homeowner can come home to find a burglar in their house. Or, a burglar can enter a house not realizing that the homeowner is inside. This can create a dangerous situation for the homeowner (and the burglar). Burglars generally do not want to enter a house when someone is at home. That’s why many burglars knock on the door before kicking it in.

If a burglar thinks that someone is in the house, or if he will be caught by an alarm or a next-door neighbor, he will move on to another house. That is why, many police now recommend that when you hear that knock, and you suspect it may be a burglar, yell through the door, or at least make some noise so that the burglar knows you are there.

The idea of Run, Hide, Fight is to protect yourself from harm. Your first priority should be to avoid the danger. That’s what Mill Creek Police Chief Greg Elwin told KING TV news. Get away from the danger and call 911.

If when you arrive home you think a burglar is in it, stay outside, away from any danger. Call 911 and be the best witness that you can be. If a burglar enters your house while you are in it, leave by another door. If you can’t leave find a closet or bathroom to hide in. If possible lock the door. Turn off any lights. Silence your cell phone ringer. Be prepared to fight to defend yourself. And defending yourself does not require a gun. You can improvise a weapon from items that you have on hand. But be aggressive in your attack.

The keys are to be aware of what is going on around you and to have a mental plan for what you would do in case you encounter a burglar at your home.

Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office:


Watch these videos about Run, Hide, Fight and Avoid, Deny, Defend to learn more about protecting yourself in an active shooter situation.


ALERRT Center at Texas State University:

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