Saturday, May 12, 2012

MAYS POND- Strange Phone Calls

In early May 2012, a Mays Pond resident received a phone call from a woman who said she had "won" a Cadillac Escalade in a contest she had entered and to please call a number to talk to a “prize manager.”  The resident had not entered any such contest. The call back number was 866-770-8762.  When the resident called back, she had to leave a message.  The same woman, who left the original message (the resident recognized her voice), called back to ask a "few questions."  She wanted to know if the resident was married, in a relationship, or living with a partner.  She said the resident would receive a notice in the mail and said goodbye (rather abruptly) when the resident said her partner didn't live with her.

Comment: It’s difficult to know just what the caller was up to. The caller did not try to pressure the resident for credit card or other personal information or pressure an immediate decision to buy a product or service or ask for money to receive some fantastic winnings. The pressure and demands could come with the “notice in the mail.”

This could be some sort of telemarketing scam, although that is not certain. For more information on telemarketing schemes including where to report them, go to the Washington State Attorney General’s web site:

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