Saturday, May 12, 2012

THE FALLS- Suspicious Activity

In the early morning hours of May 8, (around 3:35am) a homeowner in the 13700 block of 64th Dr SE in The Falls, heard suspicious noises around her home. The noises sounded like someone was trying to open a downstairs door or window. She saw a tall, darkly dressed person walking between her lawn and her neighbor’s house.

She called 911. Two deputies responded. One deputy checked her property and the neighbor’s property. He noted a chair propped up against the neighbor’s fence, indicating someone had hopped over the fence.

She informed the deputies of a suspicious person lingering around her house on Sunday morning, May 6. A young male, 19 to 21 years old, who she had not seen before, rode a skateboard in front of her house. He stopped, lit a cigarette, and then proceeded to linger in the area for several minutes. As he hung around, he appeared to be texting while he was looking at the house across the street. He then sat in front of the neighbor’s house to the west for several more minutes, then left. The male was tall, thin, with clean cut short brown hair. He had a pierced left ear which appeared to have a diamond stud earing. He wore a long, white T shirt (not tucked in) and black long basketball shorts with an Addidas logo in silver.

While the two incidents may not be connected, they could indicate that someone was checking out the neighborhood for easy targets to visit a few days later.

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