Wednesday, June 6, 2012

39TH AVE SE & 212TH ST SE- Burglaries and Thefts

Neighborhoods in the vicinity of 39th Ave SE and 212th St SE have seen several burglaries in recent days:

CANYON CREEK- On Sunday, June 3, a lawn mower was stolen from a house across from Canyon Creek’s main entrance. Then, on the morning of Tuesday, June 5, the homeowner from the same house, scared away thieves who were attempting to steal another unidentified item. The thieves ran away on foot.

CHESNUT HIGHLAND- During the same time period, a theft occurred during the morning hours in Chestnut Highland.

CANYON CREEK- A house was broken into during the morning hours. The thieves waited for a mother to take her children to school to enter the house. They ran out the front door when she returned home. (This maybe the same incident as that reported under the first Canyon Creek item above.

CANYON FIRS- A break-in to a house in Canyon Firs.

Some of these incidents occurred in the morning. Sometimes burglars get an early start to their day and watch for homeowners to leave for work, or to take their kids to school before breaking in. Whenever you leave your house you should lock your doors and windows even if it will be a “short trip.”

Other reminders that Neighborhood Watch Coordinators are passing to their neighbors include:

  • Call 911 if you see any suspicious person or activity around your home.
  • Never leave your belongings outside and keep your garages CLOSED.
  • At night keep your porch lights ON.
  • Use home security system if you are just running a quick errand
  • Randomize your routines (for dropping kids at school, please coordinate with others in neighborhood and volunteer to pick or drop every other day or as your situation permits) as much as possible so it is hard for someone to track you.
  • Lock your car door if it is parked outside.
  • Keep all items of worth out of site.

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