Saturday, June 23, 2012

SNOHOMISH COUNTY- Surface Water Management Warns That Fireworks Can Affect Water Quality

The Snohomish County Surface Water Management Division (SWM) of Public Works has issued a press release warning all of us that fireworks can have a negative impact on water bodies such as ponds, rivers, streams, lakes and groundwater. The division points out that fireworks contain heavy metals and propellant chemicals that can pollute water if detonated or not disposed of properly.

SWM points out that the county code (SCC 7.53.065) prohibits discharging pollutants into a storm drainage system or natural water body.

The SWM recommends that citizens who shoot fireworks minimize the chance of polluting Snohomish County waters by:
  • Request fireworks that contain low amounts of heavy metals and chemical propellants where you buy your fireworks.
  • DO NOT shoot fireworks from or into public sidewalks and roadways where the debris can enter storm drainage systems.
  • Practice “rigorous ‘housekeeping’ practices” by picking up shell debris and disposing it in accordance with applicable codes and manufacturers’ instructions.
  • Contain water runoff when you use water to douse duds or misfires.
For more information call the Surface Water Management Hot Line at (425) 388-6481.

SWM fireworks press release:

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