Thursday, June 7, 2012


On the morning of June 5, in Chestnut Highlands, near 39th Ave SE & 212th St SE, a home was broken into at about 9am. The burglar kicked the front door open to gain entry.

The burglar took cash, jewelry and two laptops.

Police think that the burglar was scared off when the homeowner returned home. The burglar probably heard noise from the garage and then left quickly. The burglar also left a pile of possessions behind in the house.

Note: This could be the same burglary from Chestnut Highlands that I reported yesterday. The detail, though, is instructive. Cash is easy to spend. The laptop computers can give information that could be used in ID theft, or simply sold for money for drugs. And the jewelry is easy to dispose of. This incident also shows the continuing trend of burglars picking up jewelry as police have been reporting since at least the first of the year. (go to this blog posting from earlier this year for more information

There are many things homeowners can do to protect themselves from burglars that I have talked about, especially since the first of the year. Here are two links that can help you and your neighbors set up your houses to defend against burglary:

            Burglary Prevention Tip Sheet:

            Sheriff’s Office’s “Partners in Crime Prevention” January/February 2012 issue on Burglary Prevention:

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