Friday, June 15, 2012


You may have noticed over the last few months that crime information from the Sheriff’s Office has not been available on Yesterday, Ann Gifford, the Sheriff’s Director of Community Partnerships, announced a new web site to find information about crime in Snohomish County. The web site is ( You can also access the site from the Sheriff’s Office web site ( and look for the “Crime Mapping” link on the main page.

According to Ann, the new site is updated automatically every night, while the old site had to be updated by hand. This will ensure more complete and timely information for us to review.

I checked it out, and it is a very good site. As with, you can enter your address and easily zoom right in to see crimes around you. Moving the map around seems much smoother than And the icons seem easier to read also. When you click on an icon, you can see the same kind of information like on, but if you click on “Snohomish County Sheriff’s Links” within the window, you see links to the Sheriff’s Office web site, the “Crime Prevention Tips” page and the “Sex Offender Search” page. Pretty handy to find information on the fly.

For a short demonstration go to:

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