Friday, June 8, 2012

CHESTNUT HIGHLANDS- Package Stolen from Front Door

This has been a rough week for residents of Chestnut Highlands and apparently for surrounding neighborhoods also. This time a package was stolen from the front porch of a house in Chestnut Highlands. The homeowner placed it there just before 8 a.m. for pick up by UPS. UPS told the homeowner to place it there for pick up.

The homeowner found out later that the package was never picked up and the UPS driver who showed up said he was the only one assigned to the area and does not pick up packages until 4 pm in the afternoon.

Note: This is a new twist to an old problem. Normally, police warn about theft of delivered packages to residences. We normally do not hear of packages being stolen going the other direction. But, packages on front door steps apparently have an attraction for thieves whether they are delivered to a house or being picked up from a house. This may be a case that if you want UPS or FEDEX to deliver a package for you, you might want to take it to a facility that can accept your package for shipment.

The other issue is that around the holidays police usually warn about package theft. But this incident points out that package theft can happen any time of year.

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