Wednesday, June 13, 2012


This incident demonstrates the importance of how a timely call to 911 can help police capture a wanted criminal.

On Monday, June 11, Snohomish County deputies apprehended an assault and burglary suspect who was seen entering a home in 2500 block of 191st St SE according to The Herald (

According to the local Neighborhood Watch Coordinator the following occurred:

At around 12:30pm, a man ran down the side yard of two houses then through another back yard.  He was spotted by a homeowner who was working in his back yard.  The homeowner yelled at the man to stop. The homeowner’s three dogs were in hot pursuit and the man jumped the fence and entered another neighbor’s backyard then entered the neighbor’s house through the back door.

The homeowner called 9-1-1.  A patrol car that was in the area was directed to the house where the police entered and, after quite a bit of time, took the guy into custody.

It turns out this person has been living in this area from time to time and has an arrest record for burglary and more.  It is unknown if this person has been involved in the most recent burglaries in the neighborhood. 

Citizen assistance like this helps police capture the crooks who prey on innocent citizens. While this is a more visible example of citizen assistance, the calls to 9-1-1 asking for contact to report suspicious activity, or even tips to the Sheriff’s Office’s tip line or online reporting all help the Sheriff’s Office to catch criminals.

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