Friday, November 1, 2013

AUTUMN MEADOWS- Attempted Burglaries

The Neighborhood Watch Coordinator for Autumn Meadows reports on two attempted burglaries, one on Monday, October 28, and the other on Tuesday October 29. Both attempts involve a classic technique burglars use to determine if it is safe to break into a house.

The first incident occurred in the 12000 block of 45th Ave SE around 12:45pm. The intruder knocked on the front door. The teenage girl in the house did not answer it. The intruder entered the house through a back window then went upstairs. There, the intruder encountered the teenager and immediately left the house. A red Mazda was seen leaving the area.

The other incident occurred in Pioneer Trails around 8:30am. The homeowner noticed a red sedan (possibly a Nissan) in her driveway with the engine running and a dark headed man in the driver’s seat. Another dark headed man knocked loudly and rapidly on the front door. The homeowner yelled from upstairs “who is it?” The man gave a name that homeowner didn’t recognize. She yelled down “what do you want?” They said they were there for Mary. The homeowner yelled again “what do you want?”  The man said something about they must have the wrong person and left in the car.

Note: Sheriff’s Office deputies have been emphasizing the techniques that burglars use to enter homes. When the burglars select a target house they may go to the front door and knock or ring the bell to see if anyone is around. If a homeowner answers the burglar leaves. They may have some sort of excuse, “is Mary here,” “we are selling magazines (or whatever).” Sometimes the excuse is not well prepared. If no one answers, the burglar will enter the house either by kicking in the front door or going around to the side or back of the house breaking a window to enter.

With this knowledge, it stands to reason that if you are at home that you should answer the door when someone knocks. Some people might be concerned about their safety at opening the door to strangers. There is nothing that requires you to open it. You can talk through the door to anyone outside. You might have your cell phone or mobile phone in hand. If the person on the other side of the door seems especially sketchy, you can inform him/her that you are calling 911. Some crime prevention officers have even recommended that you pretend to be talking on your phone to give an impression that you are not isolated.

If you have an encounter like this, call 911 immediately to give a description of the person at the door and of any associated vehicles. If you can give 911 the license plate, that is golden. But if all you have is a car description, and a description of the suspicious person(s) call anyway. Our deputies appreciate any information you can give for potential burglars.



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