Friday, November 29, 2013

GOLD CREEK – Attempted Burglary

A burglar tried to start their Back Friday shopping early with an attempted to break-in to a Gold Creek home around 10:45pm on Wednesday November 27. The homeowner had just turned off the lights and was upstairs for about 10 minutes when the alarm went off. The burglar apparently tried to enter the house through a garage window. Deputies did respond.

While I have emphasized, many times, that burglaries usually occur during the day it is possible for a burglar to operate at night. In this case the burglar even tried to enter a house with signs posted on the outside warning of a burglar alarm. The alarm did work in that it scared the burglar away and alerted the homeowner.

With the holiday season here, there are more opportunities for burglars to steal. As we shop at the malls for gifts and order gifts online we will have more valuable items in our homes, under our trees, and on our doorsteps than during other times of the year. Remember:


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