Monday, December 15, 2014

HOLIDAY DRINKING- DUI Apps Help You Determine if You are Too Drunk to Drive

The holiday season is the time of year that local police agencies conduct DUI emphasis patrols and publish public service announcements urging all of us to not drink and drive, go to parties and bars with a designated drivers or take a taxi home.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has been funding development work on cell phone apps that warn you when you might have had too much alcohol to drive.

One app, developed by the state of Maryland with NHTSA money, is called ENDUI. It has you play games that test your reaction. One game has you press a red “brake” when a picture of a pedestrian shows on the screen or a vehicle in front of you (on the screen) stops. Another game shows road signs in blinking in different order; you have to recall the order.

ENDUI also has a function that takes your weight, height and sex to estimate you BAC (a measure of how much alcohol is in your body) after a certain number of drinks.

ENDUI can be found for iPhone and Android phones.

There are several other DUI apps that you can find for iPhone, Android and Windows phones.

An app like this may not be for everyone, but, it might be a fun way to increase your awareness while you are enjoying yourself at a party or with your friends when you are out on the town.




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