Tuesday, June 16, 2015

IRS HACKERS- They May Be Coming for More of Your Information

The Identity Theft Resource Center has recently issued a warning that the IRS computer breach by hackers who accessed the tax returns of about 100,000 citizens may bring additional targeting of citizens in the future. Apparently, the hackers had enough information about the individuals to log into their tax accounts.

For those whose tax returns were accessed, they may be victimized by thieves stealing future tax refunds.

There is also a greater likelihood that those 100,000 citizens will be contacted by scammers posing as IRS agents claiming that the victim owes more taxes, that their tax returns were invalid or that they need to update their information with the IRS.

The defenses that you may have heard about become more important now:

·         Monitor your credit with the three credit monitoring services.

·         Check your bank account frequently.

·         Remember, the IRS will not send you an email or call you, it will send any communication with you via the US Post Office. Hang up on anyone who calls you claiming to be from the IRS. Delete any email claiming to be from the IRS and do not click on any links or attachments that might be with it.

The Identity Theft Resource Center:


The following article talks about steps that the IRS says it is taking to stem the problem of ID theft, hacking of its computers and fraudulent tax filing:




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