Monday, June 29, 2015

TRAIL HEADS- Protect Your Car from Car Prowls and Car Theft

With the nice weather upon us, many people will head out to the mountains to take in nature on our hiking trails. When you park your vehicle remember to secure it from car prowlers and car thieves.
There is nothing worse than to come back from a great day on the trail to find your car or truck broken into, your stuff stolen, or to find your vehicle gone.

The most important thing to remember when you park your car is to lock it and do not have anything visible stored in it. If car prowlers see something, and it seems like that can be anything, they will break in and take it. If you do need to leave something in your car, store it in the trunk before you arrive. That way, if a car prowler is lurking at the parking lot, he (or she) will not see you storing your possessions in your car.

Also, take steps to prevent your car or truck from being stolen. The National Insurance Crime Bureau ranks the Puget Sound Region eighth in the nation for car thefts in 2014. The basic steps that you can take to prevent your car from being stolen include locking your car and taking your keys with you, and keeping your windows closed. For other ideas on car theft prevention take a look at the following link:




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  1. IF the state can charge $5 to go hiking, and $30 for a parking pass, then they can pay for a few cameras located in the parking areas to deter theives.