Wednesday, October 14, 2015

LYNNWOOD– ID Thief Caught

According to The Herald, a Lynnwood police officer caught an ID thief who was trying to use a fake driver’s license at a Verizon store in Alderwood Mall. A store sales person became suspicious when they could not verify his identity. The man was trying to purchase four iPhones worth $2,600. The man left the store without the driver’s license.
The officer was called to investigate and noticed that the birthdate on the license was 9/31/89. In his probable cause report, the officer noted that there are only 30 days in September. A small slip up that caught this ID thief. While he was booked, Lynnwood jail personnel found six fake Florida driver’s licenses and seven credit cards.

There are many ways for an ID thief to obtain your personal information. While the method that this ID thief used had not been reported, one easy way for an ID thief to get your information is through a car prowl. Car prowlers will look for cars that have items that they can harvest for personal information such are a purse, wallet, smartphone, tablet computer or laptop computer. The best thing you can do to protect your identity when you are away from your car or truck is to be sure to take your purse, wallet and mobile device with you or at least store them out of sight such as in your trunk.

The Herald:

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