Wednesday, November 30, 2016

PACKAGE THEFT WEDNESDAY- Some Gadgets That Might Protect Your Package Deliveries

Some of the local press have labeled the Wednesday after Cyber Monday “Package Theft Wednesday” because this is the first day that many of those online orders made on Cyber Monday could be delivered. Many suggestions have been made to protect against package theft. But there has not been any one tip or technique that appears to be able to stop this kind of theft dead in its tracks. I feel that there needs to be more work into developing methods or products to reduce this increasing problem.

Many modern security devices and systems provide improvements by being able to message, or in some cases provide real time video, to a homeowner when they are away from home. Many can document anyone who has been in a home with video that can be viewed later and the video can be given to police for their investigation efforts. Some devices can even allow a homeowner, away from home, to talk to anyone at the front door. Technology may not be the only solution, but it might help to reduce certain crimes.

In the case of package deliveries, UPS or FEDEX will place a package on the front porch in front of the front door. Often, the package is in full view of the street.

A local entrepreneur has created a product called “Package Guard.” This is a Frisbee sized disk that you place on your front porch or wherever you have packages delivered. The delivery person places your package on it. Then you receive a message on your phone that you have a package. If someone removes the package before you get home, a very loud alarm sounds alerting your neighbors and scaring the package thief. You and if you want, your neighbors, also get a message that someone is trying to take your package. Normally, however, when you arrive home, and no one has taken your package, all you have to do is disarm the Package Guard with your phone, and pick up your package.

This is a brand-new product that has been developed in the last year. Cost is $69.

For more information go to

Package Guard:


Another twist that you could add is to have a camera focused on your front porch. You can accomplish this with security cameras that you have installed or you install yourself. A newer type of device, that you can install, is a replacement of your front doorbell that can take video of anyone at the front door, can record their voice and can allow you to talk to them. Two products that do this are the Ring, and Skybell. For more information about these products, you can see my previous post at;postID=4994029622182156275;onPublishedMenu=overview;onClosedMenu=overview;postNum=0;src=postname.

This one, two punch may not eliminate package theft. But hopefully it will discourage package thieves from stealing from you. A loud noise to scare the thief, along with notices to you and your neighbors who may be at home, allows you and your neighbors to report the theft to 911 in a timely manner. Technology along with the initiative taken by you and your neighbors may just make your neighborhood safer.

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