Friday, November 18, 2016

SCAM UPDATE- Scam within a Scam

Scammers look for all kinds of ways to get your personal information. We know that they try to take advantage of disasters to get your personal information and your money. One trend has been to take advantage of major publicized data breaches. Scammers will call, claiming to be from or representing a major business whose computers have been breached. They will offer you credit monitoring, money as compensation or make some other enticing offer to get you to stay on the phone.

Look out for the following warning signs:

·         If the caller asks for your sensitive information, hang up. Any company that keeps your information should already have it.

·         If they ask for your Social Security Number, hang up. Social Security Numbers and birthdates are not collected over the phone. This information can be provided on a form that you mail back to the company or on a secure website that you have found yourself, not a link suggested by the scammer.

·         If the caller starts pressuring you to act right away or claims that you have a short deadline to act, hang up. Legitimate companies are not going to pressure you when they notify you of a data breach.

Should you receive a letter, phone call, or email about a data breach you should receive instructions on what to do. Feel free to call the customer support (the number of which you can get on an online search) and verify the instructions.

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