Sunday, January 15, 2017

IDENTITY THEFT- Protect Your Child

We usually do not think about children being vulnerable to ID theft, but they may be one of the best targets for ID thieves. Children have no credit therefore their credit history is pristine. And, it will no doubt be years before ID theft is discovered.

Sometimes a family member of the child is the thief. They may be in a dire financial situation and need to pay bills such as rent or late utility bills. The child’s Social Security Number is often the what an ID thief takes.

Some signs that your child has been victimize by identity theft include:

·         Your child receives a pre-approved credit card.

·         You receive financial documents addressed to your child by a name that you did not use.

·         Collection agencies call for your child for past due bills.

·         Being denied government assistance because your child is “employed.”

·         The IRS denies your child as a dependent because of their “employment.”

·         The IRS sends a notice demanding your child’s income taxes.

·         Your child is denied a driver’s license due to outstanding tickets that your child did not accrue.

·         Your child is denied a credit card or college financial aid due to a credit history or employment record that should not apply to your child.

For more details about protecting your child’s identity, go to the following links:

Federal Trade Commission:

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