Wednesday, May 17, 2017

CAR THEFT- Confessions of a Car Thief

Car theft continues to be a problem in Puget Sound. But with the prospect of warmer weather coming, there will be more opportunities for car thieves to steal cars. For example, many people will leave their windows open when they park their cars at the mall or at work.

Recently, KING TV broadcast a video from their Portland partner station of an interview with a former car thief. The interview gives an insight into what motivates someone to steal cars and how they work.

When asked how drivers can prevent their vehicles from theft, he recommended the following:

·         Use a steering wheel lock such as The Club.

·         Lock your car, whether you park it in a parking lot or at home in the driveway. Many car thieves (and car prowlers for that matter) check door handles to see if they are unlocked. This is called “Jockey Boxing.”

·         Install a good car alarm.

·         Install a LoJack system. LoJack is a system that alerts local police to the location of your vehicle if it is stolen. For more information about it, go to

See the video here,


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