Saturday, June 3, 2017

EDMONDS- Mail Theft

The Edmonds Police Department says that between 100 and 200 pieces of mail were stolen overnight (Friday night/Saturday morning of June 2/3) in downtown Edmonds and in the north part of Edmonds.

Most of the mail was taken from unlocked mailboxes although mail thieves did pry open some locked boxes.

A police spokesman attributed the thefts to mail thieves looking for money that has been mailed a graduation gifts. Mail thieves often look for money (cash, checks, gift cards, credit/debit cards) or information that they can easily convert to money such as account numbers on bank statements or credit card bills). With the months of May and June a prime time of year for school graduations, it makes sense the mail thieves would be looking for money as gifts in the mail.

Edmonds police highly recommend:

·         Pick up your mail regularly. Do not leave it overnight in your mail box, even if it is a locked box.

·         Consider using a locked mailbox.

Mail thieves usually go through the mail immediately after they steal it, then discard any mail that they do not want.

Edmonds police said that they would take any found mail to the Post Office so that it can be re-delivered.

If you find mail on the ground report it to police and to your local post office.

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