Friday, January 25, 2013

CATHCART- Sheriff’s Office Discovers Major Stolen Property Stash

This morning, The Herald published an article on a Sheriff’s Office and Snohomish County Auto Theft Task Force bust near Cathcart that recovered two stolen vehicles, a number of guns, thousands of rounds of ammunition, and precious jewels.

A task force official pointed out that major stolen car investigations often lead to solving other crimes.

The article also highlights a few other points:

  • The first stolen vehicle had a GPS tracking device hidden in it. This shows that tracking devices that use GPS or the radio technology that Lojack uses can be very effective in recovering stolen vehicles.
  • 14 guns were discovered with 11 of them known to be stolen. Also, 3,000 rounds of ammunition were found as well as several holsters. The large number of stolen guns and ammunition points out the importance of securing weapons in a safe that is bolted to the floor of your house. Here are a couple of links with suggestions on how to secure guns:
  • $50,000 of power tools were recovered as well as plastic bags holding precious jewels including diamonds, rubies and sapphires. Deputies assume that the stones were removed from rings, necklaces and bracelets before melting the gold. Keeping an inventory of your valuables, as I have mentioned before, can be an important tool to recovery any items stolen from your home. Often, when deputies recover stolen property they need help in returning them to their rightful owners. If they cannot match the property to good descriptions in their crime reports, they have to assume that the property belongs to the suspect (even if they know that the property was probably stolen). Power tools can be engraved with your own individual ID code. Pictures showing all sides of the tools can also help. You would normally not engrave jewelry, but pictures of the jewelry can help to identify it. Be sure to promptly report the theft of your jewelry since the gold in it can easily be melted down for cash.
  • A small stash of methamphetamine was found. Many burglars steal to feed a drug habit.

For more detail about the bust go to “Major bust starts with stolen car:”

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