Monday, November 10, 2014

EVERETT- Police Looking for Woman in Identity Theft Scheme

The Everett Police Department as well as other police agencies including Renton, Kent, Medina and Tacoma are looking for a woman who has been using stolen credit card numbers to purchase items at local stores and then return the items for cash or sell the items.

She has been associated with credit card numbers that were stolen during the security breaches at Target and Home Depot that have been reported in the press earlier this year. She also may have used stolen identity taken from car prowls in the Everett area.

At least three of her victims have had losses of more than $10,000.

Police believe the woman is from Southern California. She has used fake names of “Christine Myers” and Christine Montgomery.” Investigators believe that her real first name may be Christine. She also has fake Washington identification. In surveillance video of the woman she usually carries a large black purse. She also wears sunglasses often on the top of her head. In the videos, she often checks her cell phone. 

Note: Police and crime prevention officers often repeatedly remind people to remove anything from view in their cars. They do that because of thieves like this woman. ID thieves actually will use your account information to purchase items for themselves. Often, they will use your credit card number within minutes of stealing your card. So, don’t leave your purse, wallet, cell phone, computer (laptop or tablet) in view in your car!

If you know this woman’s real name, or have any other information about this woman call Crime Stoppers: 1-800-222-TIPS.

For more information and to see store video of this woman go to:

Washington’s Most Wanted:                                                                                                 



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