Sunday, November 23, 2014

IP CAMERA SECURITY- Take Simple Steps to Prevent Others Hacking into Your Cameras

More and more of us are using cameras to view our properties over the internet (often known as IP cameras). The cameras may be used for security on the outside of our homes or businesses, or they could be used to monitor our babies, older children, or baby sitters and maids. While this gives convenience and a feeling of security of our property when we are away, without implementing some simple security measures, those cameras can give the rest of the world a window into our private lives.

Recently, CBS News aired a story about Russian hackers livestreaming video from business security cameras, home security cameras and baby monitors, (

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has come out with recommendations that you can use to secure video being broadcast over the internet.

While shopping for a system:

  • Be sure to secure the wireless transmission between your cameras and your wireless router.
  • If you plan to access your video feed off site, look for cameras that encrypt the video feed as well as your username and password.
  • If you plan on allowing others to access your video, consider a system that allows for different levels of security.
While setting up your system:

  • Be sure that you setup the cameras’ software for regular updates from the manufacturer.
  • Use the cameras’ password feature. Change the default password provided by the manufacturer to your own strong password.
  • If your cameras encrypt the data that they transmit, be sure to use that feature.
For more information about securing your video feed, go to:



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