Friday, November 28, 2014

HOLIDAY SHOPPING- Preventing Theft in the Parking Lot

Now that we are in the full swing of the holiday shopping season and brick and mortar stores are trying to attract us away from online shopping, a few reminders on theft prevention are in order.

Car thefts and car prowls can be a problem in shopping mall parking lots and other parking lots. Some ways that you can keep yourself from becoming a victim include:

·         Park in well-lit areas where it is easy to see your car and where there is a steady traffic of pedestrians. Stay away from isolated areas.

·         Remove anything that is in view through the car’s windows. Lock packages in your trunk.

·         Close all windows and lock your car.

·         In a major mall, if you take packages from the store to your car’s trunk, and you are returning to the mall, move your car to another parking spot. Thieves have been known to watch for customers to bring packages to their cars and then break in when the customer returns to the mall.

·         Between the store and your car, keep your keys in your hand and walk with purpose.

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