Wednesday, January 14, 2015

DRUG ABUSE- Finding Help

People who are seeking help with substance abuse, gambling addiction or mental health issues can call the Washington Recovery Help Line at 866-789-1511.

This is a 24-hour help line that is manned by professionally trained volunteers and staff. Callers can remain anonymous and all calls are confidential. Volunteers and staff provide crisis intervention, referral services and emotional support.

For more about the Washington Recovery Help Line, go to:


Teens between the ages of 13-20 can receive help with drug/alcohol abuse, thoughts of suicide, and many other teen problems by calling Teen Link at 1-866-TEENLINK (833-6546) between 6pm to 10pm. Teen Link volunteers are trained teenagers who are taught to listen to concerns and can provide referral services.

The assumption of Teen Link is that teens will accept help from someone of their own age better than from an adult. Callers can remain anonymous, calls are confidential and volunteers provide non-judgmental help.  

For more information about Teen Link, go to:


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