Friday, January 16, 2015

HOME SECURITY – Deadbolt Locks are Key to Securing Your Home

A recent article published in The Seattle Times notes that FBI statistics show that Washington State has the highest rate of property crimes (burglaries, car thefts, etc.) in the country.

One of the basics of keeping burglars out of homes is to lock outside doors with dead bolt locks. Most burglars enter homes using forced entry, often kicking in a door. A dead bolt lock, which has a steel bolt that extends from the door into a hole in the door jam, makes it more difficult for a burglar to kick in a door. And, with the addition of three inch screws holding the strike plate on the door jam, it can be almost impossible to damage the door or the door frame.

Long time followers already know this and have no doubt made sure that they have deadbolt locks, three inch screws, and they use those locks religiously. If you move into a new home, check to be sure that you have deadbolt locks and three inch screws. Builders often do not use the longer screws in new construction.

For more information about deadbolt locks, see this article from The Herald:


The Seattle Times:

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