Thursday, January 29, 2015

FACEBOOK– Some Things Not to Share

A couple of weeks ago I posted an article asking if you are “over sharing” on social media (January 13). There are some things on Facebook that might seem innocent, but can be used by burglars, ID thieves, etc.


Here are 5 things to keep out of your Facebook profile:


  1. Your home address. We have already talked about oversharing your location when you are at the store, on vacation and other times that you are away from your home. Obviously, you are denying this information from potential burglars. But, others can use your home address against you including ID thieves or people who may want to harass you. So remove your address from your profile. Your close friends should already know where you live. And if you want someone to come you’re your house you can give them the address person to person or via email, mail, or directly via text message.
  2. Anything work-related. Hackers who want to break into your company’s computer system will look for the names of employees as a way to get in. So, don’t make any reference to where you work in your profile. This link talks about some ways that hackers can get confidential information about your company:
  3. Your relationship status. Apparently there are certain relationship statuses that attract cyberstalkers. And if you change your relationship status, that can cause awkward comments or “likes” especially if you change a relationship from “married” to “single.”
  4. Your payment information. Facebook has some incentives for you to store your credit card information with the site. While the account information is no doubt secure online with Facebook, there is a danger that you might have your profile open on your desktop, laptop, or tablet at work or in a public place. Someone can look at your screen and pick up your credit card number. And there is always a danger that Facebook could have a data breach. So try to store your credit card number in as few places as possible.
  5. Your phone number. In Facebook, by default the people you friend can see your phone number even if you don’t want everyone to see it. Also, some of Facebook’s security features require the use of your phone number. You can change who sees your phone number to “Only Me.”


For details on how to remove or hide this information go to this link:








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